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Rachel Snowden
United States
Ok, I'm a 24-year-old college student from Alabama. I'm studying elementary education and I'm going to be a teacher at an elementary school here in the city. I want to bring a good education to all students.

Current Residence: Alabama!!! :D
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Convention Report and Dogs Attacked My Car?!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 28, 2014, 10:18 PM
Saturday, June 21: Convention

Well the convention was kind of a bust, at least for me.  There was a huge emphasis on sexual jokes and potty humor.  That doesn't interest me.  I wanted to talk about the anime, man.  I went to the dealer room and ended up not buying anything.  I do want something to do with Sword Art Online.  I really like that anime.  Not many animes make me cry.

Anyway, I didn't really have too good a time, since Dana was 2 hours late and kept abandoning me and I ended up wandering around for most of the time.  He introduced me as his friend instead of girlfriend and he was flirting with this girl he knew.  He actually ran off with her for a little bit and so I wasn't happy to begin with.  I was dead bored, and so when he proclaimed he was starving and absolutely had to eat , I went with him to Dreamland Barbecue.  I hate barbecue, but I ordered a coke and Dana got his food and beer, so he was happy.  It gave me the opportunity to talk about Akai-con and his lateness.  I told him since it's always his job to order the tickets and hotel room, we'll pay him 10$ less for every hour that he's late.  Hopefully hitting him in the pocketbook will convince him to get his ass out of bed on time and not be lazy.

Cute teen in Free Haruka Cosplay- At 8:30, we finally went out to get dinner.  We went to Jalapeno's.  I hadn't been there before.  It was all right.  Not the best Mexican place I've been to, but not the worst.  We both had a drink since we walked and didn't have to drive back.  I needed a drink after Dana had irritated me all day.  After I drank I felt better.  I also took my wig off and unpinned my hair, so my headache went away.  I changed out of my cosplay in the car and we went to the rave, the last part of the convention.  I was hot and sweaty by the time we had marched all the way back.  I was tempted to jump in the fountain.  Anyway, they had water at the rave and I literally drank it dry.  While I was having my water, I sat on the sidelines and watched the people dance.  There was a man swing dancing with a young girl.  I really hope they were father and daughter and not together...  Dana started flirting with all the girls on the dance floor.  I bided my time and was just going to confront him on the way home, but then he went in on a 15 year old cutie in a Haruka crossplay.  She was really cute, cuter than me, and realllllly young.  Please man.  I drew the line.  I dragged him out in the hall by his arm.  He told me that he was trying to get me to dance with him, but at that point, I told him if he didn't stop flirting, he was going to leave without a girlfriend.  Amber asked if we wanted to ditch the party, and I accepted.  Anything to keep him away from other girls.

Ron- Amber was with a guy named Ron.  We followed him in Dana's car so we wouldn't get lost.  During the car ride, Dana was watching the stream of Attack On Titan, so I got to see that.  It looked pretty good.  I might check it out sometime soon.  As soon as the episode was over, we arrived at Ron's house.  He said that he had to feed his dogs and invited us in.  He had a big Great Dane and a border collie, along with two cats.  He gave Dana some of his home-brewed beer, which I confused with moonshine. (It looked like a meth lab in his kitchen.  LOL)  Petting the dogs and cats improved my mood a little, so by the time we got to the bar I wasn't as upset.

GT South (Gamer Bar)- The bar wasn't far from his house.  I looked different with my hair braided, but Terralyn recognized me right away.  As soon as I came in, she was like "Rachel!"  I was happy to see a nice face.  I talked to her for a while and told her about Dana and his flirting, then ordered a drink and sat down.  Apparently Ron is the bartender at GT South.  Amber got her drink free.  XD

Cards Against Humanity- Dana sat down to play "Cards Against Humanity" with the other patrons, and I sat down next to him to watch and see if I could figure out the rules.  It was kind of interesting.  I had never played it before, so I didn't join in though.  Apparently the object is to make the funniest sentences you can with the black and white cards, and if you win the round you get the black card.  And I guess whoever has the most cards at the end wins.

Sunday/Monday, June 22/23: Dogs at Window

I went into the kitchen to get some water before bed at about 1:30 that night.  When I came in the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was a really creepy glow coming from the bay window.  The motion sensors had been tripped.  I went to look out the window to see if it was the cats again, and I saw these two huge dogs that we had seen before sniffing around my car where the cats are always born.  Momma had told me they were pitbulls, and I believed that.  So I wrote her a note and told her those dogs had gotten out again and she would need to call animal control in the morning.  Little did I know...

Monday, June 23: Discovery of Dog Attack
So I got up Monday morning and before I could even sit down to do my crossword puzzle, Dad told me that I should go out and look at my car.  I was like "okay?", so I went out and I saw that my car was trashed.  There were muddy pawprints everywhere.  There were scratches from where they had been clawing at my car to try and get in it.  There were teeth marks from where they had chewed on my bumper and hood and wheel wells. There was even a hairball on the side of my car with light hair.  Since all our cats are black, it wasn't a cat hairball.  My reaction was pretty calm considering the last time my car was damaged I lost my mind in a rage on the stupid neighbors.

Police- Dad sat around till about 11 trying to decide whether or not to call the police.  He finally did and the cops arrived crazy fast.  Dad talked to the cop for a while and I listened in.  He said that he wanted to file a police report and get the owners of the dogs to pay for the damage.  Makes sense to me.  So Dad filed the report and told the cop they were pitbulls.  The cop put out a call to the animal control people and told them to be on the look out for the dogs.

Jimmy- Jimmy is the neighborhood busybody, and he lives across the street from us.  He has nothing better to do than mow his grass and work in the garden since he retired I guess.  Anyway, he saw the cop car in front of the house and naturally made the trip across the street to see if we had been robbed or something.  Dad took him up the driveway and showed him the car.  He told Dad that he should call the insurance company and get it fixed.  He also said if that happened to his car he would have lost his mind.  Of course he would though, really.  His car is about 100,000$ and is probably worth more than his house.  LOL.  Mine is a nice Toyota Corolla with less than 10,000 miles, but I have had it since it was born 8 years ago.  It's not that valuable.

Animal Police- So after that the animal patrol man came by and rang the doorbell.  He talked to Dad for a while and Dad told him what had happened.  He said that he was going to go down by the church and see if he could find the dogs.  He went away looking for two pitbulls.

Animal Police Redux- A little while later, about an hour, he came back.  He said as he was driving around he was thinking about the descriptions we had given.  He asked if the dogs we saw could have been boxers.  I ran to get my tablet and look up pictures of pitbulls and boxers and I decided that what we saw were probably boxers.  He said they had captured two boxers that kept getting out of the fence.  He said that the owners had been ticketed three times for the dogs getting out.  He said that they caught them that morning at around 6.  A guy had called in saying he had his gun and he was going to shoot the dogs if Animal Control didn't come get them.  But he said that those dogs matched my description and he would take pictures of them and come back to show me so I could identify them.  We're still trying to match up our schedules so he can do that.

Saturday, June 28: Bonefish
Tonight we went to Bonefish to eat.  I was so looking forward to it, and when we got there, they had changed the menu!  OMG.  I was irritated.  My meal that I always eat there wasn't on there, and so I got what the waiter suggested was most similar, one of the new dishes.  Mom got the same thing.  We also got lobster stuffed shrimp on the side, four of them.  I'd never had lobster before, and it was pretty good.  It's like a more pungent form of crab.  Not bad.  I can say though, that the meal had too much artichoke in it.  I'd never had that either, but it didn't taste good.  Idk.  I give the meal a 6 out of 10.  I didn't eat much.  I did however eat almost two loaves of the pesto bread that comes with the meal.  At least they haven't changed that.  But the waiter told us how to put feedback on the website and suggestions, so I'm going to put on there that I want my Diablo Shrimp back.  And until they do, I won't be back to eat there.  If I want pesto bread, I'll go to Carrabba's.

Walmart- We went to Walmart after that to get a pool, a small one like those kiddy pools you can get.  Dad wanted one for the backyard.  They didn't have it, even though it was on their website as in stock.  We wanted those lollypops, they didn't have them.  We went in there for four things and left with one.  I was like wtf.  Idk what is going on tonight.  Nothing seems to be going right...

So, that is my week.  Have a good day.


  • Mood: Rejected
  • Listening to: Fave Songs 2 and Linkin Park
  • Reading: manga: Loveless
  • Watching: Naruto Shippuden on Toonami
  • Playing: Tales of Xillia/Sly 3
  • Eating: Bonefish
  • Drinking: Coke


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